"Our employees take more responsibility,
feel more involved while meetings
are more efficient ..."

Charlotte Johansson, chef of social services in Klippan Municipality, Sweden: 
 "All our managers are trained. They have a new tool off leadership, through the ability to listen, create understanding and trust. Our meetings in the organization today are characterized by clear leadership, which involves among other things, identifiable purpose, goals and clear rules created through dialogue. "



A communicative organisation grows forth in Kristianstad

Equilibrio has completed many processes since Skultuna and in each case the result has been a more appropriate culture growing within the work place, local area or at home.
Here is an example from an EU project in Kristianstad Sweden. The project started in the spring of 2009.

A culture where people really listen to each other, creates better schools:
The stressed milieu in schools makes it difficult to take time to truly listen to one another, says Lars Rokkjær. Lars Rokkjær is now leading the education in school district 4. The two first days are over and are being followed up by 4 more days.

The difference in listening and really listening:
The teachers experience that the days are fully booked and that there are high demands on effectivity and results. This is having an effect on the communication at the workplace. We don’t listen to one another and here I mean really listen, in such a way that everyone feels confirmed. Lars Rokkjær burns for a communication culture in which everyone can speak their mind and be respected. He believes that work satisfaction comes from the physical milieu and communication between individuals.

Create a new culture:
At school the daily communication is in a large way crucial to how people feel and how they are able to function in their work in a good way.


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More good dialog happening in our school district

The training of approximately 40 dialogue leaders in the project “Developed communication for better well-being and better meeting”, is being to give results. Yet more of the 40 dialog leaders are used to get us to communicate in a way that everyone can express their opinions openly, and be met with respect and listened to.

Knowledge in practical expression:
One of the participants in the training is Elisabeth Dahlström, a kindergarten teacher at Kulladals kindergarten in Fjälkinge.
– I have practised my knowledge by leading both my personnel group, in which there was a conflict and even in a children’s group. Thanks to the tools I picked up during the training, it really felt that I managed to get people to listen to one another. I am sure that we as dialogue leaders will contribute to better well being and better connection.
Even Peter Abrahamsson, rector for Kiaby and Kulladal, has lead dialogues in which he has used his training.
– I experienced it as being successful. When I confirm and return with the question “is this what you mean” it is experienced that I am really interested and excited to understand.

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