Lars is a man who in his life has been met with support love and attention. The people about him gave him the necessary attention to grow and to feel valued in that social structure that was his family and culture.

This background is reflected in the work Lars does with the attention based methods he has created so that others may also learn to benefit from attentiveness. Lars in working with people exemplifies this understanding and methodology.

His unassuming nature and quiet attentiveness reflect a man at peace with himself and his surroundings.

In his ability to be non judgemental and empathic in his approach to people, he exudes a sense of acceptance and calm that often leaves people with a long lasting and warm memory of their meeting even if the time spent was only fleeting.

In the creation of ABC culture and its related branches Communicative Leadership and Communicative Pedagogy, Lars has become the living embodiment of the theoretical principals of this processes. With finely attuned empathic abilities, an immense capacity for rapport and his fascinating insights into the workings of our mind sets, he instantly manifests a space of trust and security within which a deep sense of openness and rapport, between all parts of a group can be established.

In actuality he is holding for himself and those with whom he participates the ability to :

See and to be Seen.
Hear and to be Heard.

Since 1995 Lars has worked in many different working cultures, in schools, in multi national companies, in government offices and many other large and small groups of people wishing to learn these methods of attentive listening.

One of the places that should be mentioned is the school in which Lars actually began his work in Sweden.

The schools are in Skutuna a part of the district of Vasteras these schools have now been using the ideas and methods of attentive listening and mirroring for over 10 years with magnificent results.

Elizabeth Cederwald has in 2006 written her thesis on one of these schools, and has examined and researched the schools results with this new pedagogy.

Even more recently these schools are studied by researchers from one of Sweden’s most prestigious schools.

The work Equilibrio/ Lars Rokkjær does is now reaching far outside schools and teaching and into other exciting projects such as, resolving complicated conflict situations, a cooperation with criminals and a large building complex, and into some large multinationalcompanies. I short the work that we in the company do reaches many people in many different situations.