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Lars Rokkjær takes his outset from his own experience as a pupil and teacher. Examples show that schools as a system cultivate judgements that hinder the “actors” in seeing each other as individuals. Lars Rokkjær opens for changes in schools as a system, so as to release resources in both teachers and pupils.
In a mutually respectful, but challenging interaction, individuals can make expose resources and create knowledge, we where not conscious of at the outset. In such an interaction a sustainable development process is manifested to the delight of both the big people and the little people in the school.

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The Communicative Pedagogy:

My ambition with this booklet was to make visible fundamental conditions for creating a humane, equal and developmental communication in teaching. One of these conditions is that the teacher can keep connected to his/her inner calm even under pressure, that the culture between children supports the teaching and also that, we acknowledge how differently we people perceive, feel and act.

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The Communicative Organisation:

In all situations in which people are together, a communication and a relationship is created. The Communicative Organisation is an organisation, that in it’s daily life, consciously takes leadership for every one’s way of communicating with each other and how relations develop. The work place culture is set in relation to the assignment the organisation must solve.
The leaders must by being an example support and lead this process. The booklet gives practical examples, describes communicative tools and shows a theory about individuals’ differences.
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ISBN: 91 7091 118 5


By Elisabeth Cederwald:

The crux off this thesis is the pedagog’s ideas about “communicative pedagogy” as developed by Lars Rokkjær and used in Tallsten childcare and school department. The study has an interactionistic approach and the empirical material interpreted primarily from Thomas Scheff's theory. The thesis provides knowledge about the communicative pedagogy relevant to educators and labour law developments. More generally, it illustrates the role of reflection and self-awareness can play in a learning organisation.

ISBN: 91-85042-23-4
ISSN: 1651-4513

The art of listening - simply and deeply

Bengt Renander (born 1958) has worked since 1999 as a coach, speaker and leading development processes. He has helped hundreds of groups and individuals to develop their creative and listening abilities.

"It has been my joy to work with consultant Lars Rokkjær, who, like myself, believes that the ability to listen is the most important factor in developing an organization."

ISBN: 978-91-633-7303-9