Deck of Equilibrio cards

Red, yellow and green cards:
The red, green and yellow cards are practical tools to work with judgements. Each colour has a text that corresponds to the Inner Barometers colours. You can, with the help of the cards find judgements that correspond to your own. There are also blank cards, so you can write the judgements that you might find to be missing, after you have been through the cards. In this way you can get an idea and overview of your own judgements.

In our work with children we use the colours but not the text.

We teach the children, that they can show how they feel inside themselves, by holding a card up.

We teach children to hold up a red card instead of reacting in a red manner.

The teachers and pedagogues learn how to meet a child that has a red card. The children and the adults work with the cards in well outlined and tried routines.

Prices: 1 deck 11 Euro or 15 US Dollar
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