Today our society demands a greater effectivity and quality of the individual. It is very common to experience stress.
Our connections with each other can easily become controlled by the need for results or a performance focus. Rapport, listening to one another and time for reflection is lacking.

In Equilibrio we are experts in listening. We are able to listen without moving into our own heads, but instead listen so that we can make visible and understand how you, as an individual think. We do this by using a method we cal the empathic mirroring dialog.

In Equilibrio we define reflection, at the outset, not as a method of thinking about something, but to think about how we think when we think about something.

The facilitation we offer takes its beginning in getting “you” to relax, so that “you” can reflect. This we do by using our own inner calm and our ability to listen.

When you and we have acknowledged how you think and what it is you really want, we support you in taking responsibility, decide and act.