Facilitating families

Stressed people think and act differently that people that are in balance with themselves. The working lives of parents today craves so much of parents, so that they often come home stressed. Instead of taking a balanced leadership, they very easily become the catalyst that causes the situation to escalate into a conflict.

Equilibrio :

  • Enters into the family to help the parents.
  • Gives the parents tools to help them keep their inner balance when they take leadership of the family.
  • Helps create a better understanding between children and their parents, before we leave the family.

Our expertise, makes it possible for everyone to feel a difference after the first meeting.

An e-mail sent to Equilibrio after the first meeting :

Hi Lars

It is very difficult to describe our thankfulness after the meeting today. My daughter mentioned, later in the evening, that she told  a friend that she had cancelled a meeting with the social office because the family would be meeting you today.
She described you to her friend as being one of the most competent and proficient people she has met.

If I should describe my feelings at this time, I would say that there is a beautiful feeling of colour and life, that moves around the house observing us with a smile.

We would like to meet you again